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The Social Team - Social Media Management for theatre and entertainment.

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We're more than just an agency of creatives, we give creatives agency.

Founded by two marketing professionals who grew up on the internet, The Social Team understands that there is more to social media than just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


We take a holistic approach to social media so that we can meet fans where they are - getting creative with TikTok, Discord, Reddit, digital partnerships, and offline activations, to make waves and build an online community around your brand.

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Micayla Brewster and Chase Haylon of The Social Team

Photography by Michaelah Reynolds

OUR Story

To us, the role of an agency is all about providing the resources, structure, and collaborative environment that allows creatives to do their best work and deliver one-of-a-kind content that helps our clients achieve their goals.


As veteran social media managers, we've experienced first-hand the frustrations that come with endless layers of internal approvals that make cutting-edge content feel stale by the time we get the green light at 5 PM on a Friday, or the struggle to find time to strategize about the brand new platform that's making waves. So we set out to change that.


We found the answer to be simple: open up the doors of communication to let everyone do their job. Social Media Managers collaborating directly with designers, TikTok specialists, and the client themselves to create a team that truly understands your brand and works towards its goals every day.


It works for us. Want to work with us?

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